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Devil Sweat- “May the Devil Perspire Upon You”


From the armpits of hell comes this refreshing mist harnessed directly from the drippings of the dark lord himself…

When you’re out and about on a hot day, you’re AC is broke or you’re too broke to have AC, give yourself a little spritz of devil sweat and let the irony from the underworld cool you down. (No devils were harmed in the collection of Devil Sweat)

A refreshing blend of organic peppermint essential oils and distilled water


Itching to your hands on some DEVIL SWEAT??? 
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Products used to create Devil Character:

-Smashbox #shapematters palette color: sumatra

-Andalou Naturals daily defense face lotion

-Andalou Naturals bb cream

-Aluminum foil

Loreal Magic Root Cover Up, Black – 2.0 oz

-baby oil



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Original jingle by the amazing @chrishamster

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