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Top 3 Hilarious Youtube Makeup Youtubers

I have been on the hunt for so long now looking for the best youtube makeup gurus. What do I mean best??? Funny, down to earth, talented and with something to say!

I want to see the personality come through and I want to be entertained, ya know?!

I got so sick of watching so many tutorials and channels where all they would let you see is the perfect life with the perfect pets and the perfect boyfriends… I wanted to see something real. I’m not knocking these vloggers for doing their thing I just wanted to find people to follow that are more my style. I realized that all my friends and myself are total weirdos and I love that!

Anyhoo, here’s the list I compiled of the top 3 that really spoke to me with a little blurb about why. Some of them you may know, some are a little less well know. Hopefully you find them as entertaining as I do and may even learn a thing or two in the process 😉

  1. Salor J

    She is just hilarious! Period! She spouts out the run on in her head and says some really weird shit and also some stuff that’s really on point. My friend turned me onto her saying “she sounds like the shit that goes on in our heads but out loud”. Every time I watch her tutorials I laugh out loud and that is a pretty epic review in my book!

  2. JLovesMac1

    JLovesMac1 does not hold back. She is a stream of consciousness that is unapologetic and honest about her life, successes and fails. It’s really refreshing to see someone be so comfortable in her own skin in front of the camera. There are no pretenses, she’s just her and it’s working!

  3. Dustin Hunter

    The very first video I watched of Dustin’s was him trying to salvage a pre-recorded tutorial where the mic had failed and there was no audio. His solution… to use South Park animation to tell the story of how he found a mint green shadow color! Hahaha! That was all it took. I was hooked!

And I just have to give a shout out to Nikki Tutorials!

I know she’s huge and everyone knows her but I had to include Nikki in this list because she is the OG fo real beauty vlogger. She puts her personality out there, weird faces and all and I really love the comfort she shows in her own skin.

And that’s the real important bit here! Makeup is not about perfection, at least to me it’s not. Makeup is about art that, cherry on top, you get to wear on your face. It can be such a powerful tool to empower you or it can hide you under layers of insecurity. The individuals mentioned above courageously put their personalities out there and use makeup as a way to frame their voices in style. Hip Hip Hooray!!!

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